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Products List
Complete Foundry Plat Design Solutions
Sand Preparation Equipments
icon CO2 Silicate Sand Preparation
icon-2 Super Mixer 
icon-2 Continuous Mixer
icon No-Bake Sand Preparation
icon-2 Super Mixer 
icon-2 Continuous Mixer
Sand Reclamation Systems
icon Co2 Sand Mechanical Attrition
icon No-Back Sand Mechanical Attrition
icon Sand Cooler- Classifier
icon Thermal Reclamation System
icon Secondary Reclamation System
Sand Plant Equipments
icon Carousal & Fast Loop Moulding System
icon Compaction Table
icon Rollover Draw M/C
icon Knock Out M/C
icon Sand Handling Equipments
icon-2 Belt Conveyor  
icon-2 Bucket Elevator
icon-2 Pneumatic Conveyor
icon Mold Handling Equipments
icon-2 Roller Conveyor System
icon-2 Palate car System
icon C02 Gas Manifold System
icon Automated moulding rollover draw machine
Green Sand Equipments
icon Intensive Sand Mixer
icon Sand Muller
icon Moulding Machine
icon Knockout M/C
icon FD Bed Cooler Classifier
icon Sand Drier
icon Polygonal Sheave
Other Equipments
icon Dust Collector
icon Vibrating Feeder
icon Foundry Ladle
icon Ladle Pre Heater
icon Skip Charger
Sand Reclamation System
Sand Cooler-Classifier
  • Specially designed for hot conditions like Asian and African continentals.
  • Fluid bed can effectively cool and classify reclaimed sand.
  • Low maintenance and effective design
  • Fluidization is done with controlled amount of air flow helps to remove dust and fines from sand.
  • Temperature difference of 40 - 60 ° can be archived in normal conditions.
cooler-classifier cooler-classifier
Model Capacity
FD Fan Power
Extraction Rate
3 m / h
Water Required
JK SC 01 1 5 1500 150
JK SC 02 3 10 2100 250
JK SC 03 6 20 3500 500
JK SC 04 10 30 6000 800
JK SC 05 12 40 6500 825
JK SC 06 15 40 8000 1000
JK SC 07 20 60 12000 1270
JK SC 08 24 2 X 40 15000 1620
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