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Moulding Line Automation, Moulding Machine Supplier - J. K. Foundry
Moulding Line Automation, Moulding Machine Supplier
Gone are the days when preparing good quality of mould with consistent sand pack density, was not manual skill oriented but also quite time consuming. Now the jolters and squeezers are a part of any good foundry that care for productivity and consistent quality.

JKFE engineering expertise coupled with the in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the perfect moulds has resulted in bringing out the highly efficient and fast simultaneous Jolt Squeezing Machine is engineered with utmost care to improve your productivity many folds with affordable cost.
  • Sturdy construction
  • Simultaneous jolt sqeeze for high mould strength
  • Engineered for easy maintenance Centralised auto lubrication during each cycle
  • Feather touch push buttons for controls
  • Hard chrome plated guide rods and lifting rods
  • Gradual lifting and simultaneous vibration for improved separation of the mould from the pattern
  • Automatic operation - Complete pneumatic or electropneumatic controls

Machine Size JMM - 200 JMM - 300 JMM - 450
A 510 580 680
B 840 960 1050
C Min 210 310 300
C Max 350 450 500
D 740 670 700
E 1650 1850 1980
F 295 310 370
G 240 400 620

MODEL JMM - 200 JMM - 300 JMM - 450
Jolt Capacity 200 Kgs 3000 Kgs 450 Kgs
Pattern Draw 200 mm 220 mm 250 mm
Squeeze Stroke 130 mm 130 mm 140 mm
Static Squeeze Pressure 4000 Kgs 5000 Kgs 8000 Kgs
Dynamic Squeeze Pressure 12000 Kgs 15000 Kgs 24000 Kgs
Air Supply Pipe to the M/c 11/2" 11/2" 2"
Table Size 510x840 mm 580x960 mm. 680x1050 mm.
Net Weight Of the M/c.(Approx) 1950 Kgs 2700 Kgs 3900 Kgs
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