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icon-2 Super Mixer 
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Sand Preparation Equipments
Super Mixer (Spherical Bowl Mixer) is unlike conventional mixer-Muller for No-bake and silicate sand mixing. This Mixer consists mainly of a newly developed mixer Bowl. The mixer has a spherical construction with specially designed high-speed two action blades, which gives three-dimensional movement for thorough mixing of sand with silicate, organic binder or catalyst in any combination in just 15 to 18 sec. Models available for chemically bonded sand/silicate sand and dual capability.
Super Mix
  1. Complete mixing in short time and uses lesser amount of
    binders. If in your conventional mixer using 5% silicate, we
    ensure you that at list 1% of silicate you can save in our mixer.
  2. Due to three-dimensional mixing at high speed, no unmixed
    silicate balls are there. And cause of that you can get good
    surface finishing of casting and save fettling cost indirectly.
  3. Cleaning can be easily done since sand does not remaining in
    the mixer bowl due to bottom discharge.
  4. Compactly designed, molding sand can be accurately
    supplied at any time without waste, due to lower batch
    capacity 15 kg to 30 kg. It is not possible in conventional mixer.
  5. Weighing and mixing of material are automatically controlled
    for rationalization of work. Due to automation only one switch
    operation is there, so only one person or molder can operate
    mixer whenever needed. Result of this process leads to man
    power saving.
  6. Although it is of small sized model; its capacity is comparable
    to large sized mixer when operated continuously.
  7. Breakdown is minimized and maintenance is easy due to
    Sturdy and compact design. No need of major civil work or
  8. Can be use as Core Sand Mixture.
Model : SM 30 / C,SM 30 / S, SM 30 / D
Type : Batch Mixer.
Capacity : 30 Kg / Batch.
Connected Main Motor : 5.5 kw / 7.5 HP.
Silicate Feed by : C. I. Geared Pump.
Pump Motor For No-Bake : Pump for Resin: 0.25 kw / 0.33   HP Magnet coupled C. I. Geared   Pump. Pump for Hardener: 0.18   kw / 0.25 HP Magnet Coupled SS   316 L Geared Pump.
Control Panel : PLC controlled with Two Program   loaded complete for two   selections either silicate or No-   bake what ever you want.
Super Mix Plant
facebook Dry Sand Reclamation Plant, Sand Dryer Machine
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