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Sand Mixer

J K FOUNDRY EQUIPMENTS project economic range of fully automatic sand mixer with highly efficient performance. Sturdy construction of the sand mixer is the ideal example of precise engineering. Our sand mixers are provided with advance process control technology. Robust design of the mixers ensures economic and efficient operations with short mixing cycles.

Mixers are provided with double “S” shaped mixing ploughs of large size. On loading the material, blender rotates in the opposite side of the direction of loading of material that provides just right homogenization of the sand. All wear parts subject to change with quick manner. Mixers contain minimum wear of mixing bowls and tools. Sand controller can provided on demand for the proper sand quality by maintaining correct combination of procedure like dosing, mixing and moistening.

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Sand Mixer Equipments
icon Intensive Sand Mixer
icon Sand Muller
icon Moulding Machine
icon Knockout M/C
icon FD Bed Cooler Classifier
icon Sand Drier
icon Polygonal Sheave
  • Short mixing cycle
  • Fully automation
  • High capacity blender
  • “S” shaped double ploughs of large size
  • Sand controller on demand
  • Precise weighing control system
  • Ideal for green sand plants
  • Low change over time for wear parts
  • Minimum wear of mixing bowl and mixing tools
  • model sand quality
  • Sturdy construction, low maintenance
MODEL JSM - 18/125 JSM - 30/160 JSM - 45/180 JSM - 60/200
   Shell Diameter 1250 mm 1600 mm 1800 mm 2000 mm
   Height Of Mixer 3050 mm 3450 mm 3650 mm 3850 mm
   Overall Dimension 1925 x 2225 2075 x 2425 2250 x 2925 2400 x 3125
  Batch Specification
   Batch Volume (Max) 300 Kg 500 Kg 750 Kg 1000 Kg
   Cycle Time 120 Sec Max 120 Sec Max 120 Sec Max 120 Sec Max
   Batches / Hour 30-32 30-32 30-32 30-32
   Mixing Rate 9-10 M3/H 15-16 M3/H 22-25 M3/H 30-35 M3/h
  Driver Power
   Main Vanes Power 18 KW 30 KW 45 KW 60 KW
   Blander Rotor 1 x 11 KW 1 x 18 KW 1 x 30 KW 2 x 18 KW
   Total Power 40 KW 48 KW 75 KW 96 KW

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